Payment in any country in the world


To make payments with PAYPAL in any country in the world, you must click on the following link, the value will be deposited in the name of CYE PROFESIONES Y ESPECIALISTAS. In the amount value you must put the amount to deposit between 0 to 100,000 dollars, you must put the amount of dollars to deposit (for example: if you want to deposit 5,000 dollars, write 5,000). If you need to make several deposits, you can make the ones you want in the same day. We accept payments through PayPal, VISA cards, AMERICAN EXPRESS, DINERS CLUB, JBC, DISCOVER, MASTERCARD.  TO PAY CLICK  HERE

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To make the payment from the extesior online by means of bank transfer, you must click on the following link. We accept payments from multiple banks through Safety Pay . Remember to put the amount to pay and your contact information. You must enter the value of the payment up to a maximum of 2,500,000 Colombian pesos (the equivalent of 700 dollars). If you need to make multiple deposits, you can make as many as you like.  TO PAY CLICK HERE 

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Payment Canceled  Payment sucesful