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This surgery is performed on those people who have excess skin on the neck, fat deposits and abundant wrinkles in the cervical region.

Options To Improve The Neck lift at Colombia.

The most frequent problems affecting the neck are excess fat at the level of the dewlap, sagging and excess skin. Furthermore, the presence of marked longitudinal bands on the neck or a combination of them is remarkable.

How Is The Neck Lift at Colombia Performed?

The neck lift is performed through a cervicoplasty incision that runs behind the ear to the hairline on the neck. All of the skin is dissected, and the platysma muscle is tightened with stitches.

In addition, an incision can be made under the chin to remove fat from the chins and fat from the submandibular region.

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How Treatments of Neck Lift at Colombia Are Performed.

There are 2 techniques that are.

Liposuction: After infiltration of tumescent solution to reduce bleeding, fat is sucked from the skin of the neck. It is performed simultaneously with another facial surgery or body surgery. First, lateral incisions are made through which liposuction is performed to the neck.

The neck will be bandaged for 4 days.

Cervical corset: consists of making a plication of the superficial muscles of the neck through an incision under the chin. With our technique it is possible to improve the angle of the neck, disappearing that chin. In this surgery we prefer to perform it under general anesthesia.


  • Sleep with the head up. You will not be able to stretch your neck for 1 month.
  • For being an outpatient surgery. You must be in 8 hours in observation.
  • A control appointment will be made on the third day.
  • The stitches will be removed on the seventh day.
  • You will not be able to go to work for 14 days.
  • You will not be able to get the wound wet for 3 days until control.


Hemorrhage, wound infection, hematoma, collections, artery and vein injury, major nerve injury, skin necrosis, risk of anesthesia, death.

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